Auto Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents often cause damage, pain and discomfort long after visual wounds have healed. Muscle stiffness, pains in the back or neck and tightness throughout the body can remain for years without proper treatment. Nearly 1/3 of all claimants seek chiropractic medical care for auto accidents, helping to prevent long-term discomfort. We provide care for severe, minor, long-term and short-term injuries due to vehicle accidents.
Chiropractic care provides treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially the spine. Vehicle accidents often jar and rupture areas in or around the spine, causing sprains and strain of spinal muscles and ligaments. Our chiropractors will gently and gradually release tension throughout the spine and realign muscles and ligaments into their correct position. Many studies have found that individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents prefer chiropractic care due to targeted treatment and the efficacy of relief.
If you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to a recent vehicle accident or even an accident years ago, Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center may be able to provide you with relief.